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Riko Monma×MOQUIP horizon MOBILE CASE-M

Riko Monma×MOQUIP horizon MOBILE CASE-M

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抽象画アーティストRiko Monmaとのコラボレーションアイテムhorizonシリーズ










Color           UNIQUE

Materials  Sheep skin, Cow leather, Brass (gold-plated)

Size      W:145/H:80

card pocket×2


A phone case from the "Horizon" collection, in collaboration with abstract artist Riko Monma.

Shimmering waves, cloud motions, the gentle glow where sea meets the sky - painted by hand on sheepskin. Designed so you may enjoy the colour change of the leather and painting with usage over time.

Leather tanned by plant-based tannin, which provides a soft yet firm texture. Fine fibers in the leather translates into a supple canvas, allowing the brush to spread freely and allows for fine details of the paint strokes to show through.

Removable ball chain strap with adjustable length. A beautiful piece to add an accent to your everyday outfit.

Please prepare a phone cover in your phone size, and attach directly to the slide attachment. (phone size recommendation below 160mm x 80mm).


This product was crafted using natural raw material, which gains shine and suppleness with time. The dying process and raw finish of the leather with minimal surface coating allows you to enjoy the material transformation over time. However, please kindly understand that friction and exposure to water may result in faster wear, colour-fading and colour-tranfer. Air dry when exposed to water.

Please note that brass parts will show signs of wear with time and friction.

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